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Who is Simon Dugdale and other commonly asked questions about Sports Massage Therapy.

Updated: Jun 8, 2023

Who is Simon Dugdale?

Who am I? Good question!

My name is Simon Dugdale and I am a family man with 2 children, 3 cats and a dog who all keep me busy. I enjoy cinema and film, days out with the family and I teach & train Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and run the Kraken Grappling Academy in Dover.

That’s nice, why should I come to you for Sports Therapy?

Well, I am a Level 4 Sports Therapist. I qualified at the Kent Sports Academy and am currently working towards my Level 5 in Sports Massage Therapy. I opened my own Treatment Room in 2023 to allow me to practice as a self employed Sports Massage Therapist.

So you are qualified… are you insured too?

Yes, to the nth degree.

So, insured and qualified. Suppose that’s a good start. How can you help me though?

That depends on what you need. I can advise on injury rehabilitation, provide massage or dry cupping for recovery or maintenance.

What’s the process?

I would first need to have a discussion with you to ensure I have as much information I would need to perform a suitable treatment for you. We would discuss your past medical history and your expectations. We would perform an assessment and see if there are any issues that we can help rectify that you haven’t noticed yourself. Then we would agree a treatment plan between us and then we would start that plan.

What does a typical plan look like?

There’s no such thing. It depends on you. It’s tailored to the individual and therefore about exactly what you need and not about applying a “one fix for all” approach. It will include massage, that’s a given. It may also include cupping, Trigger Point Release or myofascial massage.

Isn’t that just for muscles? What if a joint hurts?

We can do a lot for the joints. We look at the issue as a whole and look above and below the issue you are having. For example, if your Knee hurts, we will also look at the Ankle and Hip. There’s a whole host of things we can do.

Ok, I think I’ll give this a go. How do I book up?

Just head to our Bookings Page and select “Brand New Client - Initial Assessment & Treatment from the menu and it will walk you through the booking process. Easy as that.

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